On topological quantum computers

We have been talking about quantum computing for a few weeks now. We have talked about its theoretical principles (quantum entanglement, no-cloning theorem, …) and its applications, especially in the contexts of cryptography and complexity. Yet, we haven’t talk much about practicalities. The outstanding problem with entangled superpositions of spinning electrons, polarized photons or most[…]

On quantum computing and cryptography

Cryptography is the cornerstone of secure communication. Broadly speaking, cryptography deals with creating and studying protocols that prevent third parties (public or adversaries) from reading messages. It is strongly tied to information security topics such as confidentiality, data integrity, identification, authentication or non-repudiation / proof. Today’s cryptography is heavily based on mathematics: cryptographic algorithms are[…]

On hidden realities (part 6)

This is the last part of a series of posts on (a few selected) hidden realities : many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, multiverse linked to the space-time geometries and dynamics, higher dimensional multiverse, holographic multiverse and simulated multiverse. For the previous posts, please see: On hidden realities (part 1) – Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics[…]