What to do the first days of once summer holidays ?

Nope, watching the Olympic Games wasn’t an option. Time to upgrade this old blog to a decent version of wordpress. It was about time… Migrating to the latest version of wordpress (from such an obsolete one) wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. I had, of course, to migrate the theme, but also rewrite a few plugins and hunt for new ones.

Importing the old posts wasn’t that straightforward either, since, for some reason, I had to re-categorize each of them by hand.

Nevertheless, this new version is running reasonably well. A few unresolved glitches might be hidden here be there, but at least, it is now a lot more secured…

Updates (a couple of hours later):

  • Fixed a few dead links
  • Fixed a few missing images
  • Fixed all borked LaTeX expressions

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