Lapin compris ?

As a special request from Agnès, here are a few Tango-styled “Lapins crétins” (a.k.a Raving Rabbids).  tango-lapins-cretins.svg (1 single SVG) Why is there a serial killer among those silly rabbits ? Well, probably because I’ve just finished seeing the second season of Dexter. Which was just AWESOME :silly:

The return of the penguins

Here’s a second round of penguins. You’ll find the old ones (slightly updated) and two new sets of Super-Penguins (form Marvel and DC Comics). Marvel Comics (new):  tango-penguins-marvel.svg (1 single SVG) DC Comics (new):  tango-penguins-dc.svg (1 single SVG) And, the old ones (the licence mess being sorted out):  tango-penguins.svg (1 single SVG) Sorry, for now,[…]