The return of the penguins

Here’s a second round of penguins. You’ll find the old ones (slightly updated) and two new sets of Super-Penguins (form Marvel and DC Comics).

Marvel Comics (new):
archive tango-penguins-marvel.svg (1 single SVG)
DC Comics (new):
archive tango-penguins-dc.svg (1 single SVG)
And, the old ones (the licence mess being sorted out):
archive tango-penguins.svg (1 single SVG)

Sorry, for now, only 1 SVG file for each set of penguins 🙁 .
I’ll split them into PNG’s a little later…

3 thoughts on “The return of the penguins

  1. Alex Reply

    Nice work! But what about to create such type of icons for a BSD-like family (FreeBSD – beastie, OpenBSD – puffy etc.) ?

    It would be great 🙂

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