High resolution icon for Google Nexus One

Thanks to daylight saving time, I woke up (very) early. This is quite unusual for a Sunday morning… This gave me time to finish up the high resolution icon for Google Nexus One I started some times ago.  device-phone-google-nexus-one.tar.gz (SVG,256×256,48×48,32×32,24×24,22×22,16×16) I haven’t got a change to see a real Nexus One yet. I’ve worked from[…]

Art Requests

I’m trying to fulfill a couple of requests from the Gnome Art request list hosted at Gnome Live!. Here are the first contribution to the “Generic icons for audio device form factors: Headsets, Headphones, ext. Speakers” request. Here are two high resolution icons: a speaker and a subwoofer. Low resolution icons are on their way.[…]

Lapin compris ?

As a special request from Agnès, here are a few Tango-styled “Lapins crétins” (a.k.a Raving Rabbids).  tango-lapins-cretins.svg (1 single SVG) Why is there a serial killer among those silly rabbits ? Well, probably because I’ve just finished seeing the second season of Dexter. Which was just AWESOME :silly:

The return of the penguins

Here’s a second round of penguins. You’ll find the old ones (slightly updated) and two new sets of Super-Penguins (form Marvel and DC Comics). Marvel Comics (new):  tango-penguins-marvel.svg (1 single SVG) DC Comics (new):  tango-penguins-dc.svg (1 single SVG) And, the old ones (the licence mess being sorted out):  tango-penguins.svg (1 single SVG) Sorry, for now,[…]

Linksys devices

Following Noah Jaehnert’s post on tango-artists mailing list, here’s a few icons for Linksys devices (only SVGs and 48×48 for now). Not happy yet with the antenna of the bluetooth adapter (too blury) and the perspectives ❓ Anyways, here is an icon set for: Linksys WRT54G wireless router Linksys EZXS55W 10/100 5-port switch Linksys WPS54GU2[…]

Network devices

This post follows a request to the Tango mailing list, about creating icons for the Open-Audit application. Various icons for network equipments are needed. The list of icons for this kind of applications is pretty large, ranging from port switches, print server, firewall, SAN to blade servers. So, I drew a couple of icons and[…]

The Usual Suspects

Got bored tonight. I was up to something funny … so, here we go ! Only 48×48 and SVG for this time, though.  funny-stuff.tar.gz  funny-stuff2.tar.gz For some reasons, these litlle guys reminded me of the “line up” scene from The Usual Suspects. Hence the background for the preview. Don’t ask. It’s getting late. I need[…]

Oldies (Gadgetango)

Icons for early 80’s computers (Apple Macintosh 512, Apple Lisa & IBM PC 5150). More to come (NeXT Stations, Commodore 64, Atari 1040 STF, Amstrad CPC 464).  computer-apple-mac-512.tar.gz  computer-apple-lisa.tar.gz  computer-ibm-pc.tar.gz Damn ! I’ve used these (well, except the Lisa) and feel like an oooold fart… Edited May, 14th: Removed brand names & logos, added metadata.