30 years of computers, gadgets and technologies

While doing a little housekeeping, I dug out a pile of old magazines I preciously kept for many years. I used to read Hebdogiciel (an old french computer magazine) when I was a 13 to learn and share programming techniques. So much memories.

Thinking of all the events, amazing gadgets and people I had the chance to come across these last 30 years (gosh, I’m a dinosaur…), I took a bit of time drawing a personal timeline of significant computers, gadgets, technologies and events.

A bit of inkscape and javascript tricks, and here goes:

Thanks to Andreas for his cool idea for representing such timelines.

One thought on “30 years of computers, gadgets and technologies

  • That timeline is *really* cool. But I cannot help but notice a serious lack of functional languages. How come ? Combining the blog author’s brain with clojure or Haskell undoubtedly would result in impressive software constructions.

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