Will I ever be a grown-up ?

Hopefully, never. I’ve finally received my brand new toys: a Samsung 55” LED TV along with a Blu-Ray player (Samsung as well). Yes, it’s a 3D player, and, well, 3D movies generally suck. But for some reasons, it was cheaper and it came with wifi connectivity out of the box, so it was easy choice.

Click here to see a few pictures of my first steps with these new friends.

Yes, I’m still playing at Zelda (Wii version). I just never had the time to finish it (even with maps and cheats)…

Blade Runner was the first VCR tape I bought. It was also the fist DVD disk I bought. Guess what ? It was the first blu-ray disk I bought. What a difference. The image quality is absolutely amazing ! The sound is great too, but I feel the urge to upgrade my good old AV amplifier.

The only drawback, is that I had to clean the cable mess from my old plasma screen. And mixing dust-busting with allergies was totally unwise 🙁 Now I’m stuck at home, trying to find a way to breath. Hopefully, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus will boost my spirit.

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