Star wars: a new home

Ok, the title of this post is very silly. Anyways, as I mentioned before, I moved a couple of months ago to a new apartment, right in the center of Lyon, France. Some have asked for a few pictures. Here goes, although it is not yet fully furnished.

These are pictures of a new apartment. As seen by a geek, of course. Here goes the entrance:

… then the hallway

… followed by the living room

… and a (small) dining room

There goes the kitchen:


Then comes the “geek room”. The is the most unfinished room, with quite a bit of stuff yet to unpack (mostly collectibles):

And… guess what ? There are rooms (almost) free of geek stuff ! Namely, the bathroom:

… and, last but not least, my bedroom:

Okay, there are too many Apple devices. And, yes, I promised a few people that I would “un-geekify” my new apartment. Obviously I failed. But still, it is better than the previous one: no geek stuff in the bathroom, bedroom nor the WC. Yet 😉

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