Ubuntu disks

Woke up (late) this morning and happily discovered in my mail box the disks I had requested from ubuntu only a few weeks ago. Really Nice !

Since my home server was already upgraded to Feisty Fawn a couple of weeks ago, I finished up updating my good old PowerBook. Everything ran smoothly, except for the splash boot screen (usplash), which looks kind of weird (colors messed up). I’ll see what I can do about this. My main workstation will remain under LFS though. Yeah, I know, I known, I’m a wacko… but that’s the way I learn things.

Edited: it appears the framebuffer is static pseudocolor (ie the palette isn’t programmable). So I’m stuck with whatever the hardware gives me… thus these strange colors. Oh well, who needs a cool splash screen ? I edited yaboot.conf so that the boot process starts in text mode… After all, it’s kind of a funky behavior for a Macintosh !

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