Penguins are everywhere !

For some weird reasons, I drew a lot of penguins recently. Each of them is supposed to represent a member of the software team I’m coaching.

archive tango-penguins.svg (1 single SVG)
archive tango-penguins.tar.gz (1 single SVG + 54 pngs)

I’ll try to add more as time goes. Yes, I’m pretending to be the nutty professor… Actually, these days, I’m much more like the sick penguins ūüôĀ

Which one would you be ?

10 thoughts on “Penguins are everywhere !

  1. Hans Rödtang Reply

    Nice! What license is this under?
    I have been following you blog for a while, nice to see some Tango icons again ^^.

  2. Hans Rödtang Reply

    Hmm, the file doesn’t seem to work. Is it a single SVG or an archive?

  3. Fred Reply

    Thanks Hans !
    They are released under GPL (I added the GPL logo to make things clear). I fixed the file: it was indeed one single SVG. Now, you will also find an archive with this single SVG and the correspondings bitmaps.

  4. Hans Rödtang Reply

    The GPL is not a good image license, it is written for software in mind. Right now I am developing a GPL’d CMS and I can’t license the output HTML as GPL because it contains user generated data (which is is copyrighted by the user), and nobody has been able to give me an answer on whether you can embed a GPL’d image to GPL incompatible HTML source.

    Personally I am glad the Tango Base Icon Theme is going Public Domain so that I don’t have to worry about client side licensing.

    I could do as _many_ others and bend the rules a little, but I am not comfortable with that :S

  5. Fred Reply

    Hi Hans,

    Yes, yes, yes, I’m perfectly aware of this. And guess what ? I do agree with you !

    BUT, some of these icons are derived from or use materials that are under GPL (namely, gnome-icons-theme).

    Tango is going Public Domain and that is a good thing ! My icons using Tango materials, under CC, will go Public Domain too, of course.

    If gnome-icons-theme goes Public Domain (will it ?), I will gladly follow and change the licence of these icons to Public Domain.

    Meanwhile, I could split this pack of icons between the ones which are required to be under GPL and the others, or, if I have enough time, redraw them and re-release the whole pack under Public Domain.

    Yes, yes, yes this is a big fat mess. If you have better ideas, I’m all ears …

  6. Hans Rödtang Reply

    Or you can just ask the ones who drew the icons if changing the license is OK. I can do it for you, but I do not have the complete overview of the elements used. Right now I see the shields, chemicals, the headphones and the Tango Camera.

    There aren’t any concrete plans on whether the gnome-icon-theme will go Public Domain or not, I asked the maintainer and he isn’t even sure if they will merge Mango and gnome-icon-theme (which would be a good idea, since the only reason gnome-icon-theme exists is because Creative Commons didn’t match well with GPL).

    If you have a complete list of GPL’d icons it shouldn’t be hard to get them to allow it to be used under another license.

  7. Fred Reply

    Hans: only 8 icons are concerned. I’ll try to get in touch the authors of the parts I used next week.

  8. Ariszló Reply

    Hi Hans,

    Could you do Just one more penguin, please? Supertux does not have a high resolution icon and I badly need one for wbar. Could you draw a nice svg for it, please?

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