Server crash, and moving to a new hoster

After 6 long years, my good old Shuttle server died a week ago 🙁
Even if both the power unit and the CPU burned (!), there were absolutely no data dammage.

This little fellow used to run web sites, home-automation services and share internet connections between all my devices.

I tried to replace my Shuttle with a plain-vanilla mini-PC I quickly shopped. Then … I ran into this fuc*ing UEFI/Secure Boot mess which wouldn’t let me restore my GNU/Linux system, went mad, and returned back this piece of crap one hour later (yes, I owned for one hour a Windows 8 System. I’m still ashamed of myself).

Since most of my home services are running now on Raspberry Pies, there were no real need for me to keep self-hosting this blog. Thus, I got me a regular internet-box from my ISP and found a hoster for the web sites.

I’m back home, after a few days in Florence (Italy). And is back online 🙂

Hopefully, without too much regressions.

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