Quick meal – part 1

Tonight, I’m definitely lazy. I’m introducing “quick meals” to my list of cooking improvisations. I was up to something Spanish : “Tortilla de patatas” with a side of “Chirozo poêlé sur lit de roquette“.

Yes, I know, the tortilla is way too thin 🙁

But I wasn’t in a good mood. I saw Clash of the Titans a few hours ago and I’m pissed off. What a piece of crap !

Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson, both great actors, are dreadful in this movie. Sam Worthington‘s acting is even worst than in Avatar. Yes, I never thought this could be possible. This guy’s got less expression than a dead mussel…

The scenario in even worst than the original film. And what the fuck was Io doing here ? She’s got absolutely nothing to do with Perseus‘ myth. Poor Andromeda… And Pegasus is white winged horse and is the son of Medusa who, by the way, isn’t a Titan, but a Gorgon. What a mess. There are so many things wrong with this film that I doubt anyone will ever be able compile an exhaustive list of all its errors and nonsenses. Homer, Hesiod and all my beloved ancient Greek poets must have died a second time…


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