Freshening gnome-desktop icons

Most of gnome-desktop icons need to be freshened a bit. IIRC, I have seen this great artwork (Tigert’s) since … well pre-1.0 versions of GNOME. It appears that a bug has already been filed (#343570) in GNOME’s Bugzilla.

Most of these icons should probably be “killed”. I figured that:

  • Control Center icons can be removed without any doubt: gnome-ccdialog, gnome-ccmime, gnome-ccperiph, gnome-ccscreensaver, …
  • Most of Applications icons are included in gnome-icon-theme or other packages. They should then be removed: gnome-gimp, gnome-gnomoku, gnome-gmush, gnome-term, …
  • The same should be done for mime-type icons or folders: gnome-file-c, gnome-file-h, gnome-folder, …

I tried to freshen up the remaining icons and ended with these (preview):

after   before
After   Before

The tarball is available here: archive gnome-destkop-tango.tar.gz, or as an attachement to #343570.

Edited June 17th: these were committed to SVN trunk. Thanks Vincent !

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