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  1. Fred Reply

    Yeah, I already thought about that !
    I’m thinking about a cool way to transfrom SVG’s into Dia’s format. I should probably start with what this guy’s done : http://www.jcartier.net/spip.php?article39 (sorry, french only… But the artwork, though not very “tangoish”, is really cool !). This script: http://www.softia-systems.net/contribs/dia_split_svg.py is supposed to split the SVG file into what’s used by Dia. If this works, I’ll send to Dia’s folks a few sheets of icons.

  2. Fred Reply

    Hummm, unfortunately Dia’s SVG support … well, I hate to say this, but … kinda sucks 🙁

    It seems that only a very few subset of the SVG standard is supported. This means that’s most (if not all) of Inkscape’s goodness is lost (shades, gradients, tranformations, transparencies, …). Until this is “fixed”, I believe we’ll be stuck with crappy looking shapes.
    This sucks because Free Software deeply needs alternatives to MS Visio and Dia *is* a good candidate !
    I’ll pull Dia’s sources from CVS. Hopefully things changed…

  3. Fred Reply

    Yes, these are free, of course! There’re released under GPLv2 (the licence is inside the svg metadata). There might be some pb with phonetooth, which is GPLv3 (if i’m correct). I guess I can re-release them under GPLv2+ or release a specific icon for phonetooth if necessary.

  4. Fred Reply

    OK, my fault. I pulled phonetooth from svn, and since the COPYING file is actually a link to /usr/share/automake-1.10/COPYING, it was pointing on my filesystem to the GPLv3 preamble. Keep up your good work with phonetooth !

  5. Mark Reply

    Your icons are great! I’m curious if its possible to get permission to use one of them under a Creative Commons license. Is this possible, or are they derived from GPLv2 sources?

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