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Here is a small pack of icons for network documentation. This is the answer to a mail on the tango-artists mailing list … and, well, to my own needs. I’ve been franticly busy for months redesigning the security infrastructure of SNCF‘s nationwide network, and I’m just *sick* of using MS Visio :sick:

The icon for the firewall is actually not mine. If anybody knows who’s the author of this gorgeous thing (and its licence), please, drop a comment. The network monitoring thing is obviously based on gnome-nettool’s icon.

Nov, 12th: the firewall artwork is Cornelius‘s

11 thoughts on “Generic network items

  1. 2ker Reply

    Simply stunning! 🙂 That’s exactly what I’m looking for right now, being forced to document VPN VoIP solution for my company. Dude you rule ! Thanks a lot!

  2. Howie Reply

    Could you clarify the license for these icons? I write an open-source network monitoring/mapping package, and it’d be great if I was able to include a few icons that weren’t programmer-art!


  3. Fred Reply

    The licence(s) are included inside the SVGs metadata. Since some are derived from others’ (great!) work, some of these icons are CC-BY-SA (2.5), some are GPL… I’m currently redrawing them and extending this set. The result will be released under GPL.

  4. Rafal Reply

    Hi, great work! impressive. But I’m a little confused about the licence. I want to use your icons in technical documentation (commercial projects). Am I allowed to use them without changing whole documentation license (it’s for customer’s use only)? If yes what are the terms. Do you plan to release those on licence that could allow commercial use (without modification) with some disclaimer for ex. LGPL or something?

  5. Adrian Reply


    Does anyone know how i can import these into Gnome DIA ?

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