Not dead (yet)

Yes, yes, once again, long time and no blog. As usual, I was swamped: too many things to do, too little time…

Apart from the municipal campaign and business as usual (which keep me quite busy), I’ve been playing with my iPhone like the kid I’m pretending to be.

Since the official SDK has not been announced yet, I’ve been testing Joe Hewit‘s Toolkit and Apple’s Guidelines to build web applications. But I was quickly stopped by the lack of available FOSS testing tools…

So, I started a new pet project: creating a small tool to simulate the iPhone embedded browser’s behaviour and test these web apps.

Here goes an early preview of Phoney (asked by the geek gang 😉 ):


Phoney is GPL’ed and based on the GTK+ port of WebKit and it’s Python bindings.

This is early pre-alpha quality stuff and uses a really dirty hack ™ to make the user-agent match the iPhone’s.

Source code available as soon as things are somehow stabilized and a SVN account is set up.

Meanwhile, here goes a preview of the Tango icon (based on Jonathan Zuniga’s artwork) that goes with it:

archive phone-apple-iphone.tar.gz

This, also, is a draft. Stay tuned for more…

5 thoughts on “Not dead (yet)

  1. Patrick Reply

    Hey, what’s the status on this? It would be great to have a desktop iPhone simulator for Linux. Currently I just see the other Phoney app for Mac.


  2. Fred Reply

    Well, it’s not actually a full iPhone simulator. This project is way much simpler: it is just an application that simulates the iPhone browser, in order to test web applications designed for the iPhone.

    Right now, the project is … on hold, waiting for the GTK+ port of WebKit and it’s python bindings to stabilize. The good news is that this should be the case soon! The general idea would be the publish a first release around mid september.

    The sooner, the better, of course 😉

  3. Robert Reply

    I would just love the have the Apps pngs. So I could trick out my Mobile Safari. I am digging the new iPhone Icon.

  4. Didius Reply

    Still no status update?
    I would find such an application very handy to test my web apps…


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