Icon for the Koala HTTP Server

I was asked to draw an icon for the Koala HTTP Server from the opendylan project. Surprisely, it went really quickly (just a couple of hours). Much faster than I thought I could do. Hey, I’m getting used this ! Cool.

Hopefully, the guys from opendylan will like like… Meanwhile, here goes the little bugger:

archive tango-koala.tar.gz (SVG, 48×48, 128×128)

… oh, and these are eucalyptus leaves, and not what you might think 😉 .

6 thoughts on “Icon for the Koala HTTP Server

  1. Coboox Reply

    COmpliments for your Blog, I think it’s the best I ever seen.

    Have a nice day.


  2. Fred Reply

    Hey Chrichri,

    I little bird told me that you hurt your ankle playing that weirdo sport called soccer. I guess that’s where your allucinations involving grass come from 😉

  3. cerise Reply

    Cute Koala!
    (one teeeeeensy weeeensy problem with it though — Koalas are mostly grey, not brown — although they can be white.)

  4. ChriChri Reply

    You’re right Fred, after one night without sleeping and perhaps smoking some grass , it wasn’t a good idea playing soccer on a synthetic grass … as a result, I’ve spent 3 weeks on a chair … without access to the web …! so I’m now a little bit late with IT news. What’s up ?!
    Any iPhone “emulator” …
    Any other Kawaii (Japan fanatic you said ?) icons like this “Cute Koala!” (if Cerise allows me to quote her) …

    Well, herrrr, now, I should find another sport in order to make my “love handles” disappear ?…!

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