Project “Jarvis”: step four (GUI)

Here comes another step in the conception on project “Jarvis”. For once, let’s not be too geeky. I feel artsy today. I’ll focus on the GUI and fire up Inskcape et the Gimp. Yeah, still a bit geeky, I know…

Jarvis-like GUI

Let’s try the first idea take comes to my mind: create an interface … just like Marvel’s Jarvis. I googled a bit, watched a couple of scenes from the movies and came up with a first rendering:

And it sucks :poop: !
Yes, Jarvis on the movies looks badass. But as a GUI, no matter how hard I tried, there no way it can be usefull to anything at all.

Siri-like GUI

The second idea would be a Siri-like interface. Just like I drew in the first scketches. Here’s a first rendering:

And … that sucks too :poop: ! It is a just a boring copy of Apple’s SIRI :yawn: …

Plus, I want something dead simple, and that would provides natural ways to navigate between Wolfram|Alpha’s pods.

Haze-like GUI
Haze is a fantastic weather forcecast app for iOS, with a very unique interface. Almost peotic. That’s definitly what I want for project Jarvis 🙂 !

Here’s a sketch of what I have in mind:

I feel, the GUI should be as minimalistic and intuitive as possible:

  • A simple button to trigger voice acquisition
  • A smaller button to rise a keyboard and enter a query
  • A third button to share the results
  • On top of these buttons, the textual reformulation of the query
  • At the center, Jarvis’ answer to the query
  • Around the main bubble, various pods from Wolfram|Alpha

I like that :silly: !

And I guess, that’ll be all for this week-end !

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