Nourriture pour la pensée…

Okay, I’m on a diet ! I ate and drank way too much since the beginning of the year. So, I’ve decided to lose (yet again …) a few kilos. Three or four would be great. Not that fun, actually: it’s freezing cold around here, and I’ll happily go for good old wintertime french food.

I thought, maybe if a *drew* food instead of instead of *eating* food, it would help. Here goes a few of these drawings (tango-styled, as always). Yes, I love sushis.

archive tango-sushis.tar.gz (SVG, 48×48) – Licence:Public Domain

… and, oh well, it doesn’t help much 🙁 .

Nevertheless, stay tuned for more of these icons, but probably a litlle less “healthy”.

Edited 01/24/2009

Here comes a bit of junk food 😉 :

archive tango-junk-food.tar.gz (SVG, 48×48) – Licence:Public Domain

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