I was asked by Mark Unwin (of Open-AudIT fame) to add the missing SVGs from the generic network icons I published quite some times ago.

Quite a bit of them were missing. Then I caught the flu 🙁 . Then I realized I had actually lost the SVGs. Yes, I’m a mess. I knew that already.
Soooooo, here goes a new version of these icons. I little less of them maybe, but this time, all the SVGs are included (hopefully).

archive tango-network-items.tar.gz (SVG, 48×48) – Licence:GPL

Since I was very late, and feeling a little guilty about that, I took a look at the icons used in Open-AudIT. I took the liberty to freshen them a little bit. Here goes:

archive open-audit-icons.gz (SVG, 48×48) – Licence:GPL

Yes, It’s not quite finished… A few a the original icons are yet to be updated. But let’s see first what Mark is thinking of them.

2 thoughts on “Open-AudIT

  1. Mark Unwin Reply

    Amazing !!! Love your work Fred, and I can’t say thank-you enough. I wish I had the skills to create these icons, but mine just look horrid. It’s the co-operation from people like yourself that make Free Software the amazing thing that it is. Open-AudIT will definitely be using these. On behalf of the other Devs and the Users – thank you.

  2. Fred Reply

    Thanks a lot Mark !
    I’ll try to finish this artwork soon and get it in synch with the icons/images from the SVN version of Open-AudIT.

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