The penguins strike back

It’s been a very (very) busy week-end. Really. I badly needed a break. Here goes a new addition to the tango-styled “penguins collection”. This time, a few more Star Wars characters.

archive tango-penguins-sw.svg (1 single SVG)

C3PO et Chewie are missing, but … it’s time to get back to work for a few hours 🙁

2 thoughts on “The penguins strike back

  1. Jeremy Reply

    R2D2 does indeed look like R2D2, but not very much like a penguin 😉

    Someday (when you will not be working on a sunny sunday afternoon) you should post some information about how you’re doing such a nice graphical work !

  2. Fred Reply

    Yes, it’s a prescription of my shrink 😉 He says I should be rid of my penguin mania and stop eating raw herrings (gives baaaad breath). That’s why R2 is not a penguin. And that’s why I gave my JDLL talk with no black suit nor tie (this time I didn’t look like a penguin).

    As for a little screencast, I’m thinking of it. I’m looking for a good software for that. Should be free (as in free speech, of course), run under GNU/Linux, be Gnome-based and visually display “clicks”, run under composited desktop, and be able to record only portions of the desktop (2560×1600 is nice to work with, but a little too much for records). If you have any recommendation, I’m all ears.

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