A long and cold week-end

It’s been freaking cold around here. A huge amount of snow. Buses are stuck, and I had to walk for two hours from work this friday night. I usually don’t mind walking. I actually love to walk. But I heavily fell while helping a girl in the street who was slipping on an icy patch. I must stop pretending to be superman and helping people, because I really injured my right shoulder this time 🙁 .

According to the ER guys, nothing is broken. Nevertheless, I had to use strong pain killers to get some sleep (I hate those).

I’m stuck at home for the whole week-end and I’m boooored. Fortunately, I’m (somehow) a lefty and I still can work, cook and draw (things I do when I get bored). Here’s a high resolution icon for the Nexus One I started this afternoon:

archive nexus-one.svg (SVG – 256×256)

It needs a few adjustments, and low resolution versions (as usual).

5 thoughts on “A long and cold week-end

  1. Mark Reply

    Nice! Can’t wait for the low resolution versions of these and to be able to plug in my N1 and Ubuntu to use the proper icon.

    How does something like this end up official (assuming it’s finished)?

  2. Hugh Guiney Reply

    I have to say I’m a huge fan of these icons! Keep up the great work!

    I’m actually currently designing a commercial site and would like to use them there. But I see they’re licensed under GPL, which means I wouldn’t be able to. Is there any way you could dual-license them under a more permissive license, such as MIT, BSD, or CC? I would be more than willing to link back to your site in exchange. Thanks!

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