A long and cold week-end

It’s been freaking cold around here. A huge amount of snow. Buses are stuck, and I had to walk for two hours from work this friday night. I usually don’t mind walking. I actually love to walk. But I heavily fell while helping a girl in the street who was slipping on an icy patch. I must stop pretending to be superman and helping people, because I really injured my right shoulder this time 🙁 .

According to the ER guys, nothing is broken. Nevertheless, I had to use strong pain killers to get some sleep (I hate those).

I’m stuck at home for the whole week-end and I’m boooored. Fortunately, I’m (somehow) a lefty and I still can work, cook and draw (things I do when I get bored). Here’s a high resolution icon for the Nexus One I started this afternoon:

archive nexus-one.svg (SVG – 256×256)

It needs a few adjustments, and low resolution versions (as usual).

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