Improvisation in the kitchen – Part 2

Tonight’s improvisation was kind of a challenge. I’ve never been great at cooking deserts. I’m definitely not a sweet tooth. And my fridge was … well … almost empty. And by almost empty, I mean a couple of apples and a few slices of white bread. But it was worth a try.

Tonight’s desert is “Pain perdu aux épices et pommes caramélisées” with a side of vanilla ice cream and a shot of Calvados

Not quite happy with the way it looked 🙁

But that wasn’t bad at all. Especially the “pain perdu” (aka french toasts). Gotta work in a way to make it more presentable.

PS: yes, the picture is even worse than the last one. No, I wasn’t drunk (the glass of Calvados was full at the time the picture was taken)

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